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March 2010



OMG March already?  

It is Thursday March11th 2010 and I am back in class teaching at MCTI.  A great class this time with lots of talent and lots of questions.  The client kind of washed out so I think I am going to put them to work designing the next A Second Byte Computers site.  That should be fun at any rate.


So I guess the slacker is back.  I have not posted since my last class back in December  I will try to keep up.


Here is a picture of me on my way to class!  Spring is in the air and I am 223 in this picture in a size 42 pants.  My lowest so far is 219, and I hate gaining weight.  I need to get some exercise and work this off!  As you can see I have adopted a very 1940's esk wardrobe.  Ellen wants to know when I became so old.  Seems like I like old movies, old fashion, and old music.  I have always had classic taste, but never had the body to make it work.  I always wanted to wear suspenders, and suits every day, and cashmere coats, and dress like a well turned out gentleman.  Now I can, and I like it.  The Fedora has a sense of style, and reminds me of a time where things were simpler, times were nicer and people did things just because it was the right thing to do.  It was a nice time, a time before mice and menus, and a time before every OS sucked....

Lou Has Meat vision!


It Friday March 19th and I want you all to meet Lou.  Lou is Traci's cat who moved in with my Son's girlfriend, Traci.  You have read about Traci before so I want you you meet Lou who has super powers as you can see.  He has meat vision!  Ok, I am sure you all want to know why meat vision?  I got that from the Fairly Odd Parents, when Timmy's dad develops super powers.  He got Meat vision out of the deal, and his eyes kind of looked like Lou's here.

2008 Apollo


2008 Roketa


2008 Honda Silverwing


Vroom Vroom (Part II)


So, I found my scooter!

It is Sunday March 21st and I have yet another new toy.  It is a 2008 Apollo Chinese scooter. Here is how this scooter thing works.  The Honda corporation puts out a nice scooter.  Honda is a Japanese product.  The Chinese are a very smart people and copy the Honda design and put out a knockoff.  It is called a Roketa. The Apollo is a knockoff of a knockoff.  Let me show you the three pictures,  They are pretty close. and you can see where the copies were made  It is neat looking, and everyone is telling me not to have faith in a china product, but I am willing to give it a whirl. I needed this to learn on.  The Honda I have trouble with the foot pegs (Reaching them) so I wanted something smaller to cut my teeth on.  This little bugger is a snotty little thing.  The 250 CCs really kick.  I am having a good time learning to take care of it.

For every 5 riders 7 die...


Pothole... Fill it fill it now!


Mailbox: Poor choice of occupation


Get rid of the debris you can slide out on.

Ever wonder what happens when a scooter meets a mailbox?  This is pretty much the result.  It is Wednesday March 24 and I just got done putting the scooter away at 6:00 pm and I want to tell you a few things concerning trust.  Motorcycles are vehicles based on physics.  I get that.  I know how gyroscopes work.  I also know how the theory of motorcycle leaning works to go around corners.  What I really need to learn is to trust my path, both really and figuratively. I have been reading the series from David Hough called Proficient Motorcycling. (Seriously though, after you get your permit, I feel it is a necessary read.)  This book can scare the crap out of you!  I am pretty sure from reading this book that for every 5 people who ride motorcycles, 7 of them die!  I am concerned about surviving this new endeavor, but I am facing my fears and trying to minimize risks.

Risk 1.  Gravel on the road causes Slide outs.

Here is an easy one to fix.  Get home from work, and fire up your John Deere Leaf blower, and take it out to every turn you are going to encounter and blow all of the loose gravel from winter off the road.  Your neighbors look at you pretty funny, and some of them have quite interesting comments to make:

Neighbor: Sir,  SIR What are you doing?

Me:  Oh Hello.  I am blowing the rocks off of the road.

Neighbor:  I see...  Why?

Me: Well, I just got my permit to ride a motorcycle and I am afraid of sliding on the loose gravel and I want to remove the risk of crashing.

Neighbor:  Do you work for the Town?

Me: No.

Neighbor:  Well, I have this pothole in the end of my driveway, and I would like you to fill it.

Me: I really do not work for the town.  You might want to call them.

Neighbor:  It will not take you long, just go get one of those big yellow trucks you guys have and some of those black sticky stones and fill in my pothole.

Me: I really don't work for the town, and I think they would be mad if I took one of their trucks.

Neighbor: I pay my taxes, and I want my pothole fixed.

Me: Yes M'am, I'll get right on it.

Neighbor:  Don't forget the truck!

Risk 2. The Right Gear.

A certain percentage of the riders who get hurt get that way from not wearing a helmet, or leather jacket, or boots.  so here I am on my scooter, full helmet, boots, and leather jacket, looking like a hell's angel, on my scooter.  Well, at least I am safer.

Now here is where the trust component comes in to the story.  I know in my brain from all of my research that if you keep those wheels spinning it is hard to get the bile to just fall over.  And I know if I give the bike more gas it will want to straighten out, and sit up. I also know that motorcycles lean when they turn.  They actually have to. But for some reason I have that element of doubt, and when starting out I don't trust that bike as it leans so I grab the brake, and put my foot out.  This acts like a pole vault of sorts, and pushes the bike to lean in the opposite direction, and when it leans, it turns.  So here I am in my driveway.  Now imagine in your mind what I see outside my helmet....

1. Go

2. First turn to exit driveway. Start Leaning, Panic.  (Put foot out)

3. LOOK OUT 2003 VW PASSAT! (Put other foot out, grab brake)

4. LOOK OUT 2003 GMC TRUCK! (Put first foot out again, I did not learn the first time)


Had I just trusted the engineering or design and had faith, I would have been fine but no, I had to stick my big fat foot out there.  Not that I am discounting fear.  Fear is a good thing, it tends to keep us from doing stupid things that can get us hurt.  But fear needs to be tempered with faith, skill builds with time, and both me and the scoter have a few scratches we did not have before, but I will heal and the scooter might get a paint job, but more likely it will wear the scar like a badge of honor, where it taught me to have faith, trust the engineering, and build skills for the future.  The mail box however got the worst of it.  Frankly I am sure that is an occupational hazard.  It could have chosen to be an email box,  Email boxes almost never get run over by motorcycles.  

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